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Victoria Independent Authors and Publishers Association (VIAPA) has put out a second volume of their Wandering Words anthology of prose and poetry:

Shifting Landscapes: Wandering Words II

A quonset house tells its own life story; a set of keys wonder where their lost doors went; a population of knocked-down statues find sanctuary in the gardens of a suburban neighbourhood where they reminisce over the fences; families meet at the Empress Hotel in 1927; characters glide through time in a 1920 red roadster and a 1968 Mustang; and a photosynthesizing rabbit flies into space: this collection includes a wide range of realist, historical, and fantasy fiction, memoir, creative non-fiction and poetry.

There was no content editor, no one altering anyone else's prose, the central principle being that each author speaks in his/her own voice. Professional editor Louise Beinhauer of LB Word Works got the manuscript printer-ready, and a celebratory launch was held at a Victoria restaurant on June 30th.

It was another collaborative project of 15 members of the Victoria Independent Authors group, this time assisted by a grant form the Neighbourhood Small Grants project funded by the Victoria Foundation.

Watch for public readings to come and look for the book in local shops and libraries, 
or order a copy (paperback, 105 pages) through naturalreviews@hotmail.com, 
at an early launch bargain cost of $12 (including postage).

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FREEDOM TO READ WEEK was started by the Freedom of Expression Committee of the Book and Periodical Council of Canada, and is promoted annually at public library branches. Public libraries -- where information and recreational reading is available for free to all members of the public -- are a hallmark of a democratic nation. A new threat is the stifling of some writing on ideological topics.

There has been a flight of writers to social media (a.k.a. antisocial media), but that hasn't proven a tasteful replacement for the civility of the "agora". The independent self-publisher also gets books to a public who can choose either to read or not read them -- a decision which should lie only with the individual. The other side of freedom to read is the freedom not to read, and we can all avail ourselves of that.

We have learned that freedom of expression must be re-protected in every generation. Every dictatorship in modern history has started by stifling free speech, and some group always wants to trigger censorship, often for what they consider the best of reasons. The insidious virus of self-censorship sometimes prepares the ground (we all want to play nicely), and we must guard against it.

"Playing With Censorship" - a short skit by S. B. Julian about banned plays and musicals, was shown at FREE SPEECH ROUNDTABLE at Hub Community Space, Fort Street, Victoria, on Feb. 22 2020
(Photo by Michal Emme) Tony Cain, Chris Allen, Jan Streader, Gail Straughan

New Ninshu Press chapbook looks at hate speech, Holocaust denial, press censorship, jailed writers,  blasphemy laws, international governance of the internet, and related issues of interest to writers 
and readers:
That's Your Opinion: A Handbook on Freedom Of Expression and Censorship in Canada and Around the World. Ninshu Press, 2019. In shops or from Overleaf -- $8.00 + postage.

Latest from Ninshu Press

For the Middle School reader who loves horses, dinosaurs, science and/or history. Cloudie was one of a team of horses who hauled fossils out of the dinosaur digs of southwest Alberta at the turn of the 20th century. This is her illustrated story, and an evocation of a place and culture ca. 1900.

Available at local shops, or EMAIL: ORCAMONTH@GMAIL.COM.  pbk, $9 

Review by KinzieThings:
"This story is a great way for a young reader to be introduced to the historical process of retrieving dinosaur bones and other fossils. The author has set Cloudie’s story in the 1920s in Alberta. This time was the beginning of the discovery of dinosaur bones in the badlands. Cloudie was around and working at the time of the discovery and naming of the “Albertosaurus”.
The book is a great introduction to the badlands, the history of dinosaur excavation, and the work that was originally done by draft horses rather than manmade equipment. It’s entertaining enough that middle-grade readers will enjoy the book. The addition of illustrations and photographs make the book more enjoyable and will engage young readers.
The writing style would lend itself well to a middle-grade audience …"   See full review here:  https://kinziethings.com/2020/07/09/review-the-horse-who-moved-bones-by-s-b-julian/ 
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Do you want to be up to date with recent publications by Vancouver Isand authors?
Read: https://kinziethings.com (reviews by librarian/bibliophile/photographer Charlotte Kinzie)
available as a pdf from orcamonth@gmail.com

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Overleaf Books at The Wellesley Fall Fair, Nov. 2nd and 3rd 
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Who's your favourite novelist? S.B. Julian celebrates Iris Murdoch:

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New Ninshu Press chapbook looks at hate speech, Holocaust denial, press censorship, jailed writers,  blasphemy laws, international governance of the internet, and related issues of interest to writers and readers:


"Fabulous ... a very timely book . A marketplace of ideas must be allowed, so people can judge for themselves."  -- L.J.

"Very readable and covers such wide territory. And very balanced throughout. It gives an excellent overview of what’s happened and is happening, and is right up to date."  --K.Z. 


   Snapshots of the lives and careers of over 50 accomplished women from the past, who worked in civil rights, education, literature, art, theology and the sciences, women who started the movements and compiled the knowledge that created the world we know.
   The field of women’s studies analyzes the andro-centrism that has erected barriers against women at many junctures in history, but Julian asks whether too much focus on what women have been prevented from doing leaves young people ignorant of what they have done. Too many assume that in past eras women were silent, under-educated and excluded. In fact many reached levels of skill and scholarship unheard of among today’s students. They inspired their contemporaries and inspire ourselves with writings, paintings and horticulture, and steered governments and politicians via associations, committees, salons, institutes and myriad other channels of influence.
     Do you know the names of the women who created the National Trust (UK), Kew Gardens, the Planned Parenthood Federation, the Battersea Dogs Home, Cruelty-Free International, the Cottage Garden style and Arts & Crafts movement, the poem on the Statue of Liberty, Kenya's Greenbelt Movement, Japan's Omoto religion, the Christian Science Monitor, the Gaia Theory? Who co-discovered the structure of the DNA molecule, nuclear fission, the Augur effect in physics, and instigated "sustainable development", or the Nobel Peace Prize? Nor do most school students. Women Who Made the World is a short, accessible handbook that helps fill the knowledge gap.

READ ABOUT THIS BOOK AT: https://booksmugglersden.com/2019/07/18/lets-chat-with-author-sandra-julian/

More detail at: https://www.peninsulanewsreview.com/entertainment/readers-corner-saanich-author-delves-into-the-lives-of-notable-women/

"Scholarly work … engaging and edifying" -- Island Writer Magazine

"A fantastically important book, I can hardly put it down" -- Professor M.H., UVIC

"Impressed by how much information is in there" -- A. Bateman, reader, U.K.

Women Who Made the World is available in print or as a pdf file from overleaf2011@hotmail.com      Printed copies $15 plus $3 for delivery or postage. Also available at various shops in Victoria and Vancouver Island, and the Victoria Public Library, UVIC Library & Bookshop, and Vancouver Island Regional Library.     The PDF file is available for $5. Order from orcamonth@gmail.com

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 LIFE WRITING and autobiography


Learn how (and why) to produce your memoirs whether for yourself, friends and colleagues
 or for family and descendants. Explore how you fit into the shared history of us all. Learn how to organize materials and documents, shape your narrative, find printers or e-publishers.

For more information on periodic workshops, email: orcamonth@gmail.com

S.B. Julian, B.A. (History), M.L.S. (Librarianship) is a free-lance writer, playwright, former librarian and present book-addict. She has independently published several books and booklets (issued by NINSHU PRESS, see list below) collaborated on anthologies with Victoria Independent Authors & Publishers Association, and worked with seniors on Memoirs Projects at several local retirement residences.

"You have helped create a family keep-sake ... it's been a pleasure working with you." (Ian H., 2015)
"Memoir writing has been an interesting experience." (Mary Nemes, Victoria, 2014)
"Recording our history is important, helps relate the past to the present -- to understand Canada's unique position in history." (Helen, Parkwood Place -- teacher)
"Thank you for doing memoirs with Sandringham residents." (Colleen and Gert, May 2015)

 Overleaf Memoirs helped produce Betty Hearn's story Betty Out and About, which is rich in information about Victoria going back to the 1930's and the War years, the burgeoning 1960's arts scene in Vancouver, retirement on a Gulf Island and more …

Overleaf Memoirs has produced a Readers' Theatre script: "Land of Lake and Wood" -- which consists of monologues and dialogues drawn from Memoirs Project participants' life stories. Contributors were Canadian veterans and post-WWII immigrants to Canada. Performances by Alexandria Players have been well-received by audiences in community centres and retirement homes. To see the script or request a performance, contact orcamonth@gmail.com.


Journal of a year of walking Bowker Creek through all the seasons and three municipalities (Saanich, Victoria, Oak Bay), looking at landscape and wildlife, history and ecology. Bowker formed during receding Ice Ages and has flowed through a wild, then a rural, now an urban environment. It fills many needs for its admirers and habitu├ęs, who visit both above ground and underground (about 60% of its length being in tunnels). The author tells how she overcomes fear of "the underworld" by venturing into Bowker's tunnels, and continues to learn from the birds and beasts above-ground. Follow on www.twitter.com/BowkerWalking 

Look for Walking Bowker at local shops, or order through orcamonth@gmail.com 

$10.00, 60 pages, illustrated.

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NINSHU PRESS and OVERLEAF BOOKS  present books on history, nature, eco-spirituality and mind-body subjects: 

The Horse Who Moved Bones, S. B. Julian, fiction/nonfiction blend (history), children's ill. pbk, 9.00

Women Who Made the World, by S. B. Julian. nonfiction (history) pbk, ill., 97 pages, 15.00

That's Your Opinion: A Handbook on Freedom of Expression and Censorship in Canada and Around the World. S. B. Julian. Chapbook, information for readers and writers. 2019. $10 or $5 as pdf

Walking Bowker: Befriending an Urban Creek, by S. B. Julian, pbk, ill., 64 pages, 10.00

Childhood Pastorale: Children, Nature, and the Preservation of Landscape, by S. B. Julian. pbk, ill., 14.95

Tales and Trails: Living With Urban Deer, Various Authors: a short collection of stories of relationships with local deer, chapbook, ill.,20 pages, 2014, 3.95 

Poultry Pets In the Garden: Raising Backyard Chickens, an informative step-by-step handbook, 32 pages, pbk, ill., 5.95

Meadows, Mounds and Meanders: Sacred Sites of Victoria, an anthology of nature prose and poetry by eight local authors, pbk, ill., 9.95

Anima Mundi: Seeking God the Mother, a creative visualization and eco-spirituality workbook for private or workshop use, coilbound, ill., 9.95